Mother Who Drowned Her Kids Spends Her Time In The Most Disturbing Way

Do you remember the sad story about the Yates family from 2001? Andrea Yates, from Houston, was responsible for the deaths of her five children (their ages ranged from 6 months to 7 years). She drowned them all in the family’s bathtub in 2001.

She took each child’s body and laid it on the bed and covered them all with a blanket. Yates called 911 herself to confess that she had drowned all her children as a result of postpartum psychosis.

Later she claimed that Satan had possessed her and when she drowned her children she was actually saving their souls.

She was convicted in 2002 but is was overturned in 2006 because of insanity. Yates was sentenced to live in a mental hospital.

She currently lives at Kerrville State Hospital. Yates is now 51-years-old and lives at a mental hospital. People magazine reported that her favorite pastime is watching videos of her children at play.

Yates is not allowed to go off hospital grounds and doesn’t get many visitors. Most of her time is spent walking around the hospital gardens and working on crafts in the hospital’s craft room.

All of the items Yates makes are sold anonymously. The proceeds from her work go to the Yates Children Memorial Fund which is a charity that was founded by Parnham, Yates’ lawyer. It is tragic that all of her children were killed.

You have to wonder if she showed any signs of illness before she drowned all her children. Share away, people.

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